All luxury travel experiences boast similar ideals: excellent service, abounding amenities and lavish accommodations. While they very rarely disappoint, most properties hardly match the level of passion for hospitality found in the Lauren Berger Collection.

Lauren Berger prides herself on offering superb accommodations. Over the years Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for creating elegant, luxurious environments and assembled an impeccable collection of luxury rental properties.

Found in prestigious locations around the world, each home is an expression of Lauren’s meticulous approach to hosting and entertaining. Elegant, lavish, sophisticated and comfortable; these properties were originally intended for Lauren’s closest friends and relatives to utilize and she now extends that privilege to her clients.

As a guest of the Lauren Berger Collection properties, you will develop a personal relationship with the individuals who are ready and waiting to serve you time and time again including Lauren herself. The staff is hand-picked and most of the team has been with her for decades. Every detail and desire is carefully intuited ahead of time and each property offers a plethora of services and privileges.

The gratitude Lauren feels towards the people in her life who have helped bring this dream to fruition – her husband, her family – is manifested in the extreme care and love with which she presents her homes. This graciousness nature is even more evident in her generous hospitality and desire to create a home away from home” for each of her guests. That is why those who select to stay at one of the Lauren Berger Collection consistently choose to return year after year.