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Daniel Langer is the CEO of the leading luxury, lifestyle and consumer brand strategy firm ÉquitĂ© (equitebrands.com), and the professor of luxury strategy and extreme value creation at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He consults some of the most iconic luxury brands in the world, is the author of several luxury management books, a frequent media commentator, a global keynote speaker, and holds luxury masterclasses in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Follow @drlanger on Twitter

Areas of Expertise: Luxury, Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation and A.I.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese

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From Hermùs to Rolls-Royce, luxury brands are selling escapism to lead us – and the global economy – out of the Covid-19 pandemic

High-end retail typically rebounds dramatically faster in times of crisis, and as the world opens up and embraces a new normal, from demand for private planes to island escapes, luxury leaders have a key role to play in kick-starting the global economy.

This column is part of STYLE’s Inside Luxury column.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I am certain the luxury sector will lead the rebound of the global economy once the coronavirus pandemic is over. At first glance this does not seem to make sense because the luxury sector is a relatively small part of the global economy. And often, when a crisis hits, many commentators are quick to write off the luxury industry and predict the emergence of austerity and “stealth consumption”.

If the past is an indicator for the future, this will not happen. Bain & Company showed in the 2019 “Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study” that the global luxury market grew between 1996 and 2019 with a compound annual growth rate of 6 per cent, two times the growth of global GDP. This time frame included the dotcom bubble burst, the 9/11 attacks, Sars and the subprime and financial crisis of 2008/2009. In the entire period there was only one significant drop with an 8 per cent year-on-year decline in 2009, but 2010 was already exceeding 2008, significantly accelerating the growth of the luxury sector henceforth.

When we look at economic indicators after crises, high-end retail typically rebounds dramatically faster to pre-crisis level than low-end retails. And maybe the most alarming factor is the unemployment rate, which is typically one of the slowest to fully rebound. After the 2008 crisis, the unemployment rate in the US had only recovered to around 20 per cent of the pre-crisis rate by 2011. This indicates that a crisis hits customers and brands that are the most vulnerable hardest.

The Covid-19 pandemic compounds challenges that many luxury brands are already facing. But it also offers opportunities for those brands that excel in inspiring customers, creating value for them, evoking dreams and initiating memories. In fact, in times of crisis, luxury brands should connect stronger than ever before with their customers.

Luxury brands also need to tap into what I call the hidden drivers of luxury. Personal protection is such a hidden driver. It is the number one reason why the demand for private aviation is skyrocketing, and why those who can afford it try to organise their holidays at secluded places, far away from the crowds, such as private islands.

The director of one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in India told me recently that wealthy guests now often book the entire hotel, just to make sure they have total privacy. Gregory Day, the CEO of the Malibu Beach Inn, one of the most luxurious and intimate hotels in California, calls his approach “barefoot luxury”, focusing on the total well-being of his guests. Lauren Berger, who organises ultra-luxury travel experiences told me that her services are in high demand as people “seek not only absolute hospitality, but complete peace of mind”.

Another hidden factor is luxury as the ultimate treat. Consequently, highly personalised high-end beauty and well-being rituals are rebounding rapidly according to several industry sources.

Milk – a hyped, disruptive “affordable luxury” make-up brand that highlights “good ingredients, epic payoff” and celebrates optimism and inclusiveness – is a front runner among a cluster of inspirational, young and funky beauty brands that focus on a relaxed way of feeling good.

But good luck trying to buy high-end dumbbells or fitness equipment anywhere in the world. With home gyms booming, waiting times can be months now in the luxury segment. The more individualised and luxurious, the higher the demand.

And in fashion, brands like Hermùs are showing an optimistic, relaxed and inspiring approach, generating dreams. “Our cave of wonders” is just one of the descriptions that Hermùs uses on their website to describe their collection. It’s all about taking consumers from reality into a world where they can disconnect and just be.

Rolls-Royce has just revealed the first major redesign of the Spirit of Ecstasy – its iconic bonnet ornament. While luxury car enthusiasts started an immediate discussion whether the redesign is genius or an attack on history, Rolls-Royce got its brand featured everywhere, getting in front of potential luxury customers that so far may never have considered or driven what some people call “the pinnacle of luxury”.

All these examples underline that luxury truly is the ability to create extreme value. Brands that manage to excite their customers through inspiration, innovation, and aspiration, always with the customer at the centre, will be driving the rebound of luxury. And through the most influential brands, the luxury sector will lead the economic rebound at large. Isn’t a little excitement what we all need in these challenging times?

Is Kim Kardashian’s private island birthday the new normal of luxury travel? Covid-19 means the super-rich are turning to private jets and experiences for safety

As the coronavirus prompts us to increasingly consider wellness and quality of life, consumer demands have shifted towards private jets and travel experiences, touchless technology, and ‘workcations’ – but can luxury travel brands keep up?

This article is part of STYLE’s Inside Luxury column

October saw a grim resurgence of Covid-19 in the USA and Europe. New lockdowns and restrictions in France, the UK and Germany, among other countries, are a precursor of what is to be expected in many places around the world, once hopeful that they had a grip on the pandemic. Much of 2021 will be impacted by coronavirus and this will have significant effects on luxury categories.

IMS Hong Kong and ÉquitĂ© has been conducting a consumer sentiment study since the end of 2019 through the pandemic. The study aims to track and understand the

changes in consumer interests and preferences. One striking change was the desire to improve quality of life. Many of us, for the first time, have experienced the advantages of commuting less while we work increasingly from home. This leads to rethinking life as a whole.


This has far-reaching consequences that can be felt across all luxury categories. In fashion, for instance, we are observing a worldwide tendency to shop for more practical and comfortable, yet ultra-luxurious, clothes.


Meanwhile, cross-body bags and tote bags have seen a spike in demand, especially in large cities like New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Moscow, as people adjust to a lifestyle influenced by the pandemic.


And as people take their quality of lives increasingly seriously around the world, one of the most important aspects of this is being able to spend quality time away from home. While travel was once normal, it has now become a luxury as taking trips potentially exposes us to an increased risk of Covid-19 infection. At the same time, the desire to travel has never been higher.

After all, we always want what is difficult to attain. The trend towards private aviation and holidaying at secluded, yet super luxurious private properties and islands around the world has been evolving since the pandemic started.


Private jet company Gulfstream outsold Boeing for the first time in the second quarter, becoming the largest US aircraft manufacturer for a short time. The recent, highly controversial birthday party of Kim Kardashian on a private island is another case in point.


The bottom line: people want to travel, and luxury travel brands that can combine the ultimate treat with the ultimate protection are creating extreme value for their customers, and will see their demand surge in a world where people are looking for safe ways to enhance their lives.

Lauren Berger, founder, president and CEO of the Lauren Berger Collection, a pioneer in ultra-exclusive private property rentals for business and leisure travel, said that “the demand for unforgettable luxury holidays at the highest level of service was never higher. What people are looking for is the combination of absolute hospitality, experiences that blow their minds, and peace of mind when it comes to comfort and safety”.

Together with VistaJet, one of the most exclusive private aviation companies in the world that services billionaire and celebrity clients via their Private World initiative, the Lauren Berger Collection began offering fully integrated end-to-end experiences where guests are air shuttled via private jets directly from their home to some of the most exclusive residences and private islands, circumventing crowded airports and interactions with other travellers. All aspects of the experience are carefully planned to combine luxury experiences, privacy and as much security as possible.

One emerging group of luxury travellers, according to Berger, are “workcation” guests

who are “looking for the ultimate combination of fully functional workspaces with reliable high-end internet connections and state-of-the-art communication tools with features such as a rivulet-like swimming pool, traditional open walls inviting the Caribbean breeze overlooking the beach below and pristine palm jungle behind”. The trend towards safety and remote work is offering new opportunities for luxury travel providers and ultra-high-net-worth customers alike.


Bill Walshe, the CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group, is another pioneer in luxury hospitality. One of the features in the recently opened luxury Hotel Zena in Washington is the implementation of an advanced voice activated and touchless consumer interaction strategy that addresses the fear of many travellers to interact with staff and touch surfaces. He said that he is “even more grateful now to have technology in place to provide contactless hospitality to ensure guests and colleagues are as safe and comfortable as possible”.

These examples showcase how the pandemic is changing the way we travel. This is a tremendous opportunity for brands to innovate. While the travel industry at large has been suffering significantly, luxury provides a promising niche to delight.

The Italian and US nonprofits team up for a 2nd time to raise awareness and funds in support of underprivileged children across the US, Italy, Haiti and Africa.

In every life there is a gift; In every person there is a potential; In every gesture there is a value. Everyday there is a challenge to face; Every moment there is an opportunity to give…”

— ANDREA BOCELLI, Founder of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — 2020, a tragic year to go down as one of the most challenging 365-day experiences for most of us. Rightfully so, we have focused our attention to healthcare heroes who have helped save lives all year long and to businesses who have helped us keep a roof over our head and food on the table. As we near a hopeful exit from this horrific season, we turn our focus to the most vulnerable human beings on earth, those who might not even understand the sudden changes they have been subjected to and might suffer extended consequences on the continued balance of their health, lifestyle and education post-pandemic: OUR CHILDREN. 

The ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation, the nonprofit founded by the globally celebrated Italian icon ANDREA BOCELLI 9 years ago in Florence (Italy) has partnered for a 2nd time with the BERVANN Foundation, the nonprofit of the New York investment holding BERVANN to address the Impact of COVID-19 on Children and pragmatic initiatives toward Building a Better World for Our Youth.

BOCELLI has built 9 schools across Italy and Haiti in its 9 years of existence; provides access to quality education to over 3,000 children; distributes over 21,000 gallons of water daily and provides access to basic healthcare to over 8,000 individuals.

BERVANN was among the first organizations to suspend active in-person operations due to COVID-19 in the US; provided technical support, financial assistance and PPE to over 600 hospitals and 24 government entities; Operates BERVANN Minority Fund that provides funding and mentorship to small businesses with at least 1 minority decision maker across the US; BERVANN for Charities that provides funding and strategic support to other nonprofit organizations with impactful missions; BERVANN One-Kid-at-a-Time that sponsors the primary school, high-school and university’s tuition fees for children from underprivileged backgrounds in Africa. 

Together for the Greater Good, both foundations who came together for the first time in May 2020 for a very successful COVID-19 Online Charity Gala that helped support healthcare professionals and small businesses affected by the pandemic, will reunite on December 30 to Celebrate Love, Spread Hope and Create Opportunities for Our Children and Grandchildren. 

ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation will be led by VERONICA BOCELLI, spouse of ANDREA BOCELLI and Vice-Chairman of the ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation; and STEFANO AVERSA, Global Vice Chair and EMEA Chair of AlixPartners and Chairman of the ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation. The BERVANN Foundation will be led by VAL NZHIE, Chief Investment Officer at BERVANN and Board Member of the BERVANN Foundation. 

The Virtual Charity GALA is announced to be an Epic End-of-the-Year Soiree filled with insightful conversations by business thought leaders and outstanding entertainment by renown performers from Italy, Canada and the United States. Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation GALA II will take place on Wednesday December 30, 2020 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM Eastern Time. The event will be Virtual and segmented into: Silent Auction – Celebrity Fireside Chats – LIVE Entertainment – The 2020 Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation Inaugural Award. 

The Speaking Sessions and Fireside Chats will cover key topics as: 


* Honoring the trending ascension of Women in 2020

* The multi-layered impact of COVID-19 on women 

* The impact of COVID-19 on Children

BERVANN Foundation 

* 2020 recap and 2021 target impact outlook


* ABF’s 9-year journey and 2021 target mission


* The influence of Celebrities and Social Media on Children

~ A Pre-event CONCERT (12 Musical Performances)

~ LIVE CONCERT during Main Event (8 Musical Performances)

~ A Post-event CONCERT (12 Musical Performances).

The Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation Gala will be attended by Corporate executives, Investment executives, Sport athletes, Music and Painting artists, Movie actors/actresses, Government officials, High-Net-Worth families, Grant-making foundations, Philanthropic institutions, Wealth management executives, Influencers, Media executives and Entrepreneurs. 

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of these holidays, many of us will not be able to celebrate in-person with loved ones. We encourage you to join us and invite your friends, family members, colleagues and network for a glamorous virtual celebration of our entry into 2021.

GALA Registration at: https://bervann.com/bocelli-dec30

Kim Kawashima


[email protected]

Visit us on social media:



Bervann & ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation GALA, Edition II

HomeAway & VRBO

Lauren Berger Collection is proud to accept The Above & Beyond” Award from HomeAway & VRBO.

Lauren Berger has been awarded “The Above & Beyond” Award from HomeAway & VRBO. The Above & Beyond Service Recognition Awards are given to individuals in recognition of exemplary Service Excellence. Recipients of this award demonstrate an attitude of excellence, teamwork, and go “Above and Beyond” the expectations of their guests.

The Executive Global


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been awarded The Executive Global Award 2019 as The Best Luxury Hospitality Company.

Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in the official book – Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70

Harry and Meghan – The Wedding Album


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in the official Prince Harry & Meghan Wedding book



“Dr. Sidney and Lauren Berger once in a lifetime a love like no other, integrity, honor, excelence”

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Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in The Tengoal Magazine.

Executive Global – Spring Issue 2019


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in The Executive Global Magazine.


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European CEO Awards 2019


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been awarded The European CEO Awards 2019 as The Best Luxury Hospitality Company.

Executive Global Award


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen as the Hospitality Executive Of The Year 2019.

Top pick of the Hamptons


“Lauren Berger is proud to have been chosen to be on HGTV as a top pick of the Hamptons. See exclusive video on the LBC Youtube Channel.”

Conde Nast Traveller


“Lauren Berger has been named one of Conde Nast Traveler’s Experts for 2013”

Conde Nast is home to some of the worlds most celebrated media brands. In the United States, Conde Nast publishes 18 consumer magazines, four business-to-business publications, 27 websites, and more than 50 apps for mobile and tablet devices, all of which define excellence in their categories. The company also owns Fairchild Fashion Media (FFM), whose portfolio of brands serves as the leading source of news and analysis for the global fashion community. Conde Nast has won more National Magazine Awards over the past ten years than all of its competitors combined.



Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in DuPont REGISTRY Magazine.


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in DuPont REGISTRY Magazine.

duPontREGISTRY Homes June 2019

Savile Row Style – March 2019


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to have been chosen to be in the Savile Row Style Magazine.

Statue of Liberty


“Lauren Berger is proud to have been chosen as the “Queen of Hospitality” by the commemorative book of the Statue of Liberty celebrating 125 years of freedom.” The book was sent to all of the world dignitaries.

Bond Magazine


“Lauren Berger is proud to have been chosen to be one of the Bond Women in the prestigious Bond Magazine.”

DC Finance


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to be partner with DC Finance.


DC Finance organizes and manages business and financial conferences. The company offers marketing consulting and analysis, business development, sponsorship management, sales promotion, print material production, and public relations services. Additionally, it provides newsletter publishing services. The company’s clientele include Airports Authority; American Express; Baran Group; British Airways; Clal Finance Underwriting; Dell; Gaon Investment House; and Tachlit Investment Bank. DC Finance was founded in 2003 and is based in Yehud, Israel.


Website – www.dcf.co.il

FOUR International


Lauren Berger Collection is proud to be partner with Four International.


FOUR – The multi-award-winning lifestyle magazine, offers a lifestyle twist that is a must-read for the high net worth individual. The FOUR brand is rapidly expanding, investing and strengthening its creative output, both digitally and in print.

Focused on the international market, FOUR aims to reach readers in the A/B bracket via precise distribution channels worldwide. This includes close relationships with private jet airline, NetJets and Royal Jets, and many of the world’s top airlines, such as Qatar and British Airways, who distribute the magazine to their Upper and First Class passengers. In addition to this, FOUR is also distributed to the world’s best hotels including Armani, Bulgari, Kempinski, Cheval Blanc, Palazzo Versace, as well as restaurants, business lounges, spas, golf clubs and private residencies. Because of this precise distribution, FOUR has the ability to reach high-end food lovers in a way that has never been done before.

Each edition of FOUR invites four chefs, who are at the pinnacle of their career, to share their techniques and recipes. By unifying over 400 of the world’s best chefs, such as Daniel Humm, Thomas Keller, Gaggan Anand, Massimo Bottura and RenĂ© Redzepi, FOUR brings together the brilliant ideas of the greatest minds in haute cuisine.

Working with some of the world’s most well-respected food and wine writers, including Andrea Petrini, as well as some of the world’s top food photographers, travel writers and designers, such as Jean Cazals, Jeremy Jauncey, Michu Travel, Guy Oliver and Kelly Hoppen —FOUR is raising the bar in food and lifestyle publishing.

Each edition of FOUR magazine has been designed to reflect the diverse interests and passions of those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle, with editorial on travel, property, fine wine and cocktails, art and culture.

Carnegie Hall Magazine


“Address to Impress”

Lauren Berger Collection specializes in bespoke hospitality, providing unrivaled levels of comfort and service in exclusive properties around the world.

Abercrombie & Kent at Harrods


“Lauren Berger is proud to have been endorsed by Abercrombie & Kent at Harrods of London special event.”

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“LBC is proud to be part of the Emerald Ball charity event with Harrods and the Elton John Aids Foundation to help support such a worthy cause.”

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Luxury Property Showcase – Show magazine

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“LBC is proud to have been chosen as the top luxury travel destination in New York by the International Club for Roll Royce & Bentley Owners.”

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“LBC is proud to be a part of Tiffany & Co.’s Runway to Green charity event in support of a better Earth environment.”










Winter Issue 2017 Clientele Luxury Global Edition


Portrait of Lauren Berger

New Tears // Vogue Taiwan Fashion Editorial

PDF // June 2016


Photo shoot at the Westhampton Beach House

Team Credits

Photographer: Jamie Nelson
Stylist: Jimi Urquiaga
Stylist’s Assistants: Brandon Mercer & Amanda Yanez
Hair: Mischa G. for Bumble & Bumble
Wig Colorist: Zoe Wiepert for Bumble & Bumble
Makeup: Michael Anthony using Chanel Beauty
Model: Sofie Theobald @ Women / 360
Manicurist: Fleury Rose using Chanel Le Vernis
Producer: Cayla Damick @ Judy Casey
Special Thanks: Fotocare NYC

Vogue Taiwan


Photo  shoot in the Hamptons – Photgraphed by Jamie Nelson

DC Finance – The Union League Club


East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Annual Conference



“Located in Westhampton Beach on Long Island, this magnificent house offered to the Rental Lauren Berger Collection reflects the unparalleled expertise of the agency. At the corner of a winding, this huge property path to Hollywood past off over waterfall background. Peaceful, luxurious and bright, it offers the promise of memorable moments. A spring morning, Luxury was entitled to services “VIP” Lauren Berger and share with you this unique experience.”

Luxe Magazine 2015


Luxe Magazine 2014


LUXE magazine été 2014

Jamie Nelson


Photo shoot at our Westhampton Beach property

Luxury Travel Guide


“Luxury Travel Guide – When it comes to accommodations on the East Coast, few choices mesh so perfectly with these qualities as the Lauren Berger Collection, a portfolio of serviced luxury rental properties.”



“Hedge – LBC is the top luxury residence in the Hamptons.”



“Diplomat – LBC is the smart luxury choice. When choosing a place to stay in New York City. Lauren Berger Collection’s properties combine the privileges and conveniences of both hotel and high-end rental accommodation, all within some of the world’s most desirable settings.”



“Panache – Sensational Central Park Views – unparalleled Manahattan locations. Luxury residences at one of New York’s most elegant and world-renowned properties.”

DKNY Charity event


“DKNY Charity event – LBC is proud to support and be a part of the Urban Zen Foundation’s charity event with DKNY.”



“Venue – Unique luxury residences and beautiful accommodations by the Lauren Berger Collection – top pick in NYC and the Hamptons.”

Amersham Exclusive


“Amersham Exclusive – I’ll take Manhattan – Lauren Berger is both a charismatic and perfectionist. She wants to make sure all her guests feel like they are a Home Away From Home.”

Well Wed


“Well Wed – Unforgettable settings. Private luxury residences filled with tenderness and joy, where every detail is infused with love and care. A Wedding at the WestHampton Manor completes the circle of love.”

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“Exclusive – LBC is where to stay when it comes to luxury residences in NYC’s Jumeirah Essex House. They make every visitor feel special and cared for.”



“Elite – Picks for NYC Top recommended suite by Elite Traveler.”

7th Magazine


The Exclusive Interview Follows for The 7th Magazine’s Festivity Issue with Lauren Berger:
An Angel with Heavenly Sites, The Lauren Berger Collection.