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Property Description

Your wildest dreams, come true

Experience arctic nature up close as you live among the wolves at the ultra-exclusive, Wolf Lodge. Countless stories have been created around these mythical creatures. Now you can be part of a new story.

You will revel in the unique feeling of being watched by curious amber eyes as wolves circle the private property, mere inches away. Dedicated animal keepers will even guide you into the enclosure, where you will meet these extraordinary creatures face-to-face, making for a truly unforgettable, life-altering experience.

As the night draws in, relax in luxurious, tranquil surroundings as the sky is illuminated by the midnight sun, or the enchanting colors of Aurora Borealis. Scintillating light dances across the darkened sky from late August until mid-April and during the summer months, the shimmering sun never slips below the horizon.

Polar Park’s wolf visits were established to ensure better welfare for wolves in captivity, and to offer you a unique, once in a lifetime experience. Wolves are naturally conditioned to be afraid of humans and many wolves in captivity, which are not familiar with people, are fearful, and live in stressful conditions.

The wolves at Polar Park are accustomed to human contact, and enjoy our company as part of their natural environment.


Polar Park is the most northerly located animal park on the planet. It lies in a beautiful, secluded valley, hidden from the outside world. You are guaranteed an unrivaled, spectacular wildlife experience whilst staying here, and will have full, private access to the park outside of opening hours.

The park prioritizes the welfare of its animals above all else and has some of the largest enclosures among animal parks in the world. Within these enclosures, a natural environment helps keep the animals stimulated and active.


An all-inclusive stay at Wolf Lodge is one of the most exclusive, highly coveted experiences in the whole Nordic region, and is priced accordingly. There is only availability for around 15 stays each year.

Your extravagant Wolf Lodge experience begins as soon as you step foot in Northern Norway. Your private driver will be ready and waiting to collect you straight from the airport, or another location of your choosing.

You will have a devoted wildlife host at your absolute disposal throughout your entire stay, supported by private wilderness guides, eager to take you on Arctic adventures.

There will also be a private chef creating culinary delights in the kitchen as well as a private housekeeper, ensuring your absolute comfort. Whilst staying at Wolf Lodge, you can expect a range of amazing amenities and splendid surprises.

  •  Up to six guests (or eight, if two are children)
  • The minimum age to stay at Wolf Lodge is 10 y/o. Staying at the lodge all guests have to be relatively quiet and controlled in their movements. This has to do with the interaction with the wolves, who are circling the lodge and watching its guests at all times. The wolf visit is only for persons 18 y/o or older.
  •  Minimum three-night stay, full buy-out, private basis only
  •  Three deluxe master suites, ensuite

•  Frøya   (310 ft², 29 m²)
•  Brage   (310 ft², 29 m²)
•  Frigg    (205 ft², 19 m²)

  •  All-inclusive of all transportation, experiences, meals and beverages, as well as additional luxury amenities
  •  Every stay generates a donation to the Polar Park Wolf Welfare Fund.


During your stay, you will have the opportunity to partake in a wide range of activities and experiences, all on a private basis. Here are some of the adventures you can experience whilst staying at the all-inclusive Wolf Lodge:

Year-round Activities

Sami cultural visits, zipline adventures, scenic train rides, fishing, bird watching, historic tours, art tours, cultural heritage tours, fjord cruises, WW2 history, trips to Sweden and more.

Winter Activities

Dog sledding, Northern Lights chasing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, snow cave building, skiing and whale watching.

Summer Activities

Midnight sun tours, golfing, hiking and biking.


Bardu, Troms, Northern Norway
68°41’31.02″N 18°06’41.56″E

Wolf Lodge is nestled in the wolf enclosure of Polar Park, the northernmost animal park in the world. Located high above the Arctic Circle in Norway, untouched nature and exquisite wildlife stretches as far as the eye can see.

Nearby Airports

Bardufoss Airport (33mi/53km from Wolf Lodge, runway 8,015ft): 50-minute drive
Harstad/Narvik Airport (48mi/77km from Wolf Lodge, runway 9,213ft): 70-minute drive

Both airports are suitable for private jets

In the Area

Narvik, Norway 70-minute drive
Tromsø, Norway 160-minute drive
Kiruna and Icehotel, Sweden 180-minute drive
Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway 210-minute drive

Basic Details
Property Type : Lodge
Listing Type : Lodge

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