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Spacious villas set against the forested hills of Ise Shima National Park Serene wellness destination with a natural hot spring onsite and sea views overlooking Ago Bay Expansive holistic spa with award-winning Wellness Immersion Programmes. Inspired by rustic Minko style, each suite features a private onsen bath and wooden decked terrace Airy dining spaces, floor to ceiling glass windows and open plan relaxation areas bring the outdoors. On the shores of Ago Bay, Amanemu’s rustic ryokan-inspired retreat is where Japan’s ancient hospitality ritual finds its contemporary expression. Mineral-rich waters from a natural hot spring enable guests to embrace the tradition of onsen bathing – while nourishment in culinary form reflects a region famed for rare delicacies. Surrounded by Unesco pilgrim trails, sacred forests and the diving culture of the pearl-rich Pacific, here, rejuvenative stays and wellness experiences are imbued with a deeper cultural sensibility.



Nestled within the landscape with scenic views out to the bay or gardens, the Suites are abound in elegant simplicity. Each of the 24 Suites measure 99 square metres (1,065 square feet) and feature a private onsen. Generous terraces provide maximum enjoyment of the natural surroundings in all seasons.

Mori Suite   The 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) Mori Suites offer a combined bedroom and living area, with woven textile shutters that open to embrace the outdoors.  Mori Suites enjoy a private Japanese onsen bath, which draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.

Sora Suite    Situated closer to the coast, Sora Suites enjoy tranquil green views towards Ago Bay.  The 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) combined bedroom and living area features woven textile shutters, which open onto a spacious veranda.  A private Japanese onsen bath draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.

Nagi Suite    Offering premium sea views, the 99m2 (1065 sq.ft) Nagi Suites enjoy a combined bedroom and living area.  Woven textile shutters open onto a spacious veranda, and a private Japanese onsen bath draws nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.


With a light-filled atmosphere and emphasis on natural materials and soothing hues, Amanemu’s Villas each feature two bedrooms spread across 366 square metres (3,940 square feet). Woven textile shutters can be opened to embrace the outdoors, and each Villa features a private onsen, kitchen and powder room.

Tsuki Villa   Overlooking its own verdant green garden, the Two-Bedroom Tsuki Villa is designed to offer a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Its living area and bedroom pavilion open onto expansive verandas with daybeds and an alfresco dining area. Across the garden, a separate pavilion houses the Villa’s private onsen facilities, with hot spring-fed baths both indoors and out.

Mori Villa    The Two-Bedroom Mori Villa overlooks a verdant private garden with peaceful greenery all around. The living area and bedroom pavilion open onto expansive verandas offering daybeds and an alfresco dining area. Private Japanese onsen facilities draw nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.

Sora Villa    The Two-Bedroom Sora Villa overlooks its own private garden with partial sea views. Living areas and bedroom pavilions open onto expansive verandas offering daybeds and an alfresco dining area. Private Japanese onsen facilities draw nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.

Nagi Villa    The Two-Bedroom Nagi Villa overlooks the sea offering panoramic views of Ago Bay’s verdant islets and pearl rafts. Living areas and bedroom pavilions open onto expansive verandas offering daybeds and an alfresco dining area. Private Japanese onsen facilities draw nutrient-rich water from nearby hot springs.



Beach Picnics – With spring providing the perfect weather for alfresco dining, Amanemu is offering picnic hampers filled with delectable lunchtime treats to be enjoyed on a private beach overlooking Ago Bay.  Available until mid-June on weekdays, reservations should be made at least two days in advance, as only one picnic can be booked per day.

Ise Jingu Shrine Breakfast   Inspired by the breakfast served to the monks of Ise Jingu – a complex of Shinto shrines known as the “Soul of Japan” – Amanemu’s signature breakfast is wholesome, satisfying and absolutely delicious. Beautifully presented in a series of simple wooden boxes, it includes rice, fish, tofu, miso soup and pickles, along with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Seasonal Seafood    Amanemu’s summer menu features the freshest seasonal seafood from local waters, including Mie Prefecture’s lobster and abalone. Dishes created by Executive Chef Masanobu Inaba. 

Ise Shima Roman Course   Designed for those who appreciate the finest gourmet foods the globe has to offer, Amanemu’s Roman course includes the likes of caviar, truffles, lobster, wagyu, abalone and more – prepared to perfection under the direction of Executive Chef Masanobu Inaba.

Sake Selection    Crisp, dry, fruity, punchy, subtle, clean – the words used to describe premium sake are as varied and poetic as those used to describe wine. Yet sake may well be more versatile. Different types can be drunk cold and hot, and with its huge flavour spectrum, food pairings are limitless. Amanemu offers more than 20 kinds of premium sake ranging from locally brewed to organic.



Tailored to meet guests’ individual wellbeing needs, Amanemu’s bespoke Immersions are restorative journeys to wellness, incorporating private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments and complete nutritional support. Lasting a minimum of three days, each is developed to achieve defined personal goals, to promote an enduring sense of inner peace, and to encourage profound, meaningful change in lifestyle and outlook.

Mindfulness & Stress Management    The world moves fast, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the pace. Amanemu allows guests to make time for slowness, stillness and recalibration. This Immersion is designed to guide participants towards inner peace, equipping them with the skills necessary to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life, sending them home happier, calmer and more centred.

Detox & Cleansing   Both physical and emotional wellbeing can be powerfully influenced by the health of the gut. Formulated exclusively to sustain the physiological and emotional equilibrium of the individual guest, Amanemu’s Detox & Cleansing Immersion focuses on improving the metabolic and digestive systems, using a bespoke combination of movement, nutrition, spa treatments and hot-spring therapy to detox the body, cleanse the mind and achieve lasting balance between the two.

Recovery & Recuperation  – The mineral-rich hot springs on site make Amanemu the ideal destination for those seeking to recuperate and reenergise. A daily programme of water therapy in the resort’s onsen baths forms the basis of this Immersion, which, although targeted to guests who are recovering from illness or injury, is also suited to participants seeking to optimise their overall wellbeing.

Beauty & Slow-Ageing    Built on the principle that the signs of ageing are closely connected to overall health, Amanemu’s Beauty & Slow-Ageing Immersion aims to slow the signs of ageing by improving wellness from within, leaving individuals looking and feeling beautiful both inside and out. Drawing on a range of time-tested Japanese wellbeing practices, the programme is individually designed to relax the mind, strengthen the body, and reinvigorate the spirit.

Wellness from water    Japan has understood the healing power of mineral bathing since the days of the shogunate, when samurai would use onsen to restore their health and recover from the rigours of battle. As well as aiding in recovery from fatigue and injury and relieving pain, onsen bathing is effective in improving general wellbeing. Today, participants in Amanemu’s Immersions enjoy the same restorative benefits as the samurai, with all programmes incorporating sessions in the spa’s mineral-rich baths.

Herbal healing  – Traditional Chinese Medicine travelled to Japan in the 4th century, and since then has evolved and adapted to become the herb-based healing practice Kampo. Like many ancient holistic systems, the discipline emphasises the importance of attaining balance between body and mind, with plant-derived cures and therapies at its heart. Amanemu’s Immersion programmes and spa treatments incorporate expert-blended Kampo formulations to achieve specific wellbeing goals.

A sacred setting    Ago Bay and the region surrounding Amanemu has been a place of pilgrimage and purification throughout history. Revered Shinto shrines abound in Ise, and further away, the Kumano Kodo pilgrim paths weave through the ancient forest. For centuries, people have come here both for the spiritual resonance of the setting and the mind-stilling natural beauty of the bay, its mountains, islands and greenery.

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