5 Amazing Adventures in Chile

The country is best known for its world-renowned beer and wine, cuisine, a diverse range of landscapes, and a wide variety of fruits that are shipped around the globe. Chili is also home to some amazing outdoor experiences for those that are active and appreciate adventure.

White Water Rafting

Normally a Class II rapids, a visit from Sept. to Nov. coincides with the snow and ice melt, which adds an extra level of difficulty when traveling down the Rio Manso River. The river runs through Nahuel Huapi National Park. Three-day guided tours are available that includes bird watching, swimming, camping, a traditional Chilean BBQ, and views of the famous hanging glacier of the Andes Mountains.


Visit Pan De Azucar National Park to bicycle the sprawling reserve featuring colorful rock formations, breathtaking vistas, and cacti that look like they belong in another world. The trails are designed specifically for biking. Depending on the section traveled, visitors may see condors and kestrels, plovers and pelicans, foxes, Humboldt penguins, and wild guanacos closely related to llamas.

Skiing and Snowboarding

For the truly adventurous at heart, try skiing or snowboarding in the Andes Mountains. The unique experience can be booked as a day trip and accommodations are available for more extended stays. Slopes are available for beginners to experts.

Windsurfing and Paragliding

The slopes in Iquique are ideal for either activity and the city is the unofficial national capital for sports. Lessons are available and tandem rides with experienced pros are offered for an adrenaline-filled experience.


Sandboarding Death Valley in the Atacama Desert is unlike any other adventure. The desert has the highest altitude, is the driest in the world, and has towering sand dunes. Special sandboards are required and are typically included in the guided expedition. Once individuals reach the bottom, they’ll have to hike back to the top as there are no lifts. Be sure to take some photos of the stunning landscape.

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