Haunted Castles

Castles throughout the ages have gained a reputation for being haunted, often by ghosts too numerous to name. For those that enjoy a good ghost story, and have the nerve, the following are just some of the highly haunted castles where people can book a stay – if they dare. Castle Leslie – Ireland Norman … Continued

Benefits of Hiring a Private Aircraft

There’s no need to travel on public airlines when hiring a private aircraft is so much easier and more convenient. Individuals that rent a private jet for their travel needs are the master of their own destiny. Flexibility Commercial planes are rife with multiple connections, delays, layovers and overbookings. They’re limited in where they fly … Continued

8 Luxury Ski Resorts

Skiing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. While all ski resorts offer a variety of amenities and a level of exclusiveness, for those that want to experience the epitome of luxury, the following are some of the most luxurious and renowned in the world. Forestis Dolomites – Italy A boutique sanctuary for adults … Continued

Why Renting Designer Clothes is Better than Buying

It’s easy for anyone to look as stylish and fashionable as their favorite celebrities and famous personages. Just rent designer clothing instead of buying. A number of companies rent designer garments and accessories on a per-need basis or through monthly subscriptions. Renting provides a variety of benefits. Save Money Typically utilized for special occasions, designer … Continued

Concierge Vacation Services

There are dozens of concierge services available of which many individuals may not even be aware. They’re an important part of a carefree luxury vacation. When booking a luxury vacation, it’s important for individuals to ask if specific concierge services are available, depending on the person’s individual needs. Some individuals choose to vacation alone, with … Continued

Finding Luxurious Home Rentals in Florida

The Sunshine State is well known for its beaches, amusements and water-related activities. The warm weather is particularly welcome and many people that don’t want to travel overseas for their vacation choose the state due to its subtropical climate. There are numerous luxury rentals for those with discriminating tastes. It doesn’t matter what type of … Continued

Choosing a Luxury Holiday Vacation

Holiday celebrations and traditions vary widely around the globe and there are many holiday festivals to celebrate things of which people may not be aware. Individuals have multiple destinations from which to choose, with celebrations that occur once a year to those that extend over several days. There are multiple concerns that every person should … Continued

Tips for Booking a Luxury Yacht Vacation

Luxury yacht vacations are becoming more popular for those that love the water, the freedom that a cruise ship can’t provide, and desire an elevated level of privacy. Luxury yacht vacations are tailored to the individual and includes everything from special dietary requirements, champagne preferences, favorite activities, and locations individuals want to visit along the … Continued

Best Wildlife Watching Around the Globe

There are many opportunities for those that want to experience potentially close encounters with wildlife ranging from elephants to cetaceans. With global warming taking a toll on wildlife, some of these animals could very well disappear from their natural habitats. The following are just some of the best destinations for viewing wildlife, in no particular … Continued

5 Amazing Adventures in Chile

The country is best known for its world-renowned beer and wine, cuisine, a diverse range of landscapes, and a wide variety of fruits that are shipped around the globe. Chili is also home to some amazing outdoor experiences for those that are active and appreciate adventure. White Water Rafting Normally a Class II rapids, a … Continued