Tips for Booking a Luxury Yacht Vacation

Luxury yacht vacations are becoming more popular for those that love the water, the freedom that a cruise ship can’t provide, and desire an elevated level of privacy. Luxury yacht vacations are tailored to the individual and includes everything from special dietary requirements, champagne preferences, favorite activities, and locations individuals want to visit along the way.

Select an Agency

Choose a reputable, respected and well-known agency to book a yacht vacation. Speak with several agencies. Everyone has an idea of the services and amenities they’d like to have. Discuss in depth what the agency offers to determine if it’s a right fit and can provide the desired dream experience.

The Right Yacht

Luxury yachts run the gamut from masted to motored. They can range from a modest 137 ft. to spacious 550 ft. in length with multiple decks. Super yachts are also an option, with amenities to match. Some provide water toys for fun along the way on water and land, along with those that have their own smaller craft and helipads.

There are also exploratory super yachts designed to provide individuals with special experiences to unique places. Wi-Fi, TV, streaming abilities and sound systems are essential.

Personal Services

Individuals will enjoy chef-prepared meals in formal or informal dining spaces. Depending on the individual, vacationers may need the services of a nanny, personal trainer, security guard, nurse or personal assistant. These are services that individuals should have access to if they need them. The yacht’s crew aren’t able to provide those services and safely operate the vessel. For those that have their own nanny or personal trainer, be sure the yacht has space to accommodate them.


Pack wisely for a luxury yacht vacation. The trick is to pack garments that are versatile. Ocean breezes can be chilly and there will be stops along the way where individuals will want something dressier. Heels are a no-no onboard and on-shore explorations will require sturdy footwear. While not part of the wardrobe, don’t forget device chargers and travel documents.

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