Choosing a Luxury Holiday Vacation

Holiday celebrations and traditions vary widely around the globe and there are many holiday festivals to celebrate things of which people may not be aware. Individuals have multiple destinations from which to choose, with celebrations that occur once a year to those that extend over several days. There are multiple concerns that every person should consider when planning their holiday vacation.


Some destinations are better visited at certain times of the year. It will depend on the types of activities and climate the individual desires. Security features should also be a priority.


People need to consider the accommodations available at their destination. Individuals can choose from villas and estates to private islands, depending on the location. Sustainability has become more important for many people and guests can select properties that combine luxury and sustainable solutions.

Individuals will also need to consider the size of the property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and if they’ll be traveling with children, pets or with a multigenerational party. Some people are happy eating out, while others prefer modern kitchen facilities or an outdoor kitchen, a fully stocked pantry, and specific appliances.


The only way to determine what amenities are available is to work with a reputable agency specializing in luxury vacation rentals. The professionals will be able to provide travelers with a detailed list of the amenities available for different properties. Consider what amenities are most important, such as a private chef, swimming pool, spa, child or pet care, or fine dining opportunities.


There are holiday celebrations that take place worldwide, while others are unique to specific countries. Guests can choose a completely subjective holiday and treat themselves to an African safari, a journey to the Swiss Alps, or the most exclusive private island in the world, located in the British Virgin Islands, and owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Found in prestigious locations around the world, each home is an expression of Lauren’s meticulous approach to hosting and entertaining. Elegant, lavish, sophisticated and comfortable; these properties were originally intended for Lauren’s closest friends and relatives to utilize and she now extends that privilege to her clients.

Lauren Berger prides herself on offering superb accommodations. Over the years Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for creating elegant, luxurious environments and assembled an impeccable collection of luxury rental properties.

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