Benefits of Hiring a Private Aircraft

There’s no need to travel on public airlines when hiring a private aircraft is so much easier and more convenient. Individuals that rent a private jet for their travel needs are the master of their own destiny.


Commercial planes are rife with multiple connections, delays, layovers and overbookings. They’re limited in where they fly due to the large size of the aircraft. With a private jet, individuals choose their destination and the smaller aircraft size enables charter flights to land in locations that can’t accommodate commercial airlines.

Less Wait Times

Travelers won’t have to sit in an airport 2 to 3 hours before takeoff, worry about baggage claims and fees, or stand in long security lines. A private plane may need to stop for refueling depending on the destination, but will quickly be on its way. Individuals choose their own departure schedule that best accommodates everyone in the party. That’s especially important when traveling with children.

Pet-Friendly Flight

Commercial flights mandate that pets be in an approved carrier that’s small enough to fit under the seat. Larger pets are consigned to the cargo hold. It’s a noisy and highly stressful environment where pets can injure themselves trying to escape. Some have died due to the stress and others have been lost by airlines. Private jets allow people and their pets to be together throughout the flight without being cooped up in a carrier.


Private jets adhere to stringent safety standards mandated by the FAA. Charter flights are even able to fly above storm lines. Private jets provide luxury travel and part of that experience includes an elevated level of hygiene.


Culinary diversity is just one of the perks of flying a chartered flight. Cuisine encompasses far more than one or two choices and there will be multiple snacks from which to choose.


Above all, travel by private aircraft offers unmatched comfort. There’s ample leg room, no assigned seats, and individuals aren’t trapped on a commercial flight with people they don’t know.

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