Haunted Castles

Castles throughout the ages have gained a reputation for being haunted, often by ghosts too numerous to name. For those that enjoy a good ghost story, and have the nerve, the following are just some of the highly haunted castles where people can book a stay – if they dare.

Castle Leslie – Ireland

Norman Leslie died in World War I and promptly “retired” to the family castle. He appreciates quiet and shushes noisy visitors.

Dalhousie Castle – Scotland

Lady Katherine, a.k.a. the Grey Lady, was banished to the castle tower at the age of 16 in 1695 after being caught with a stable hand. There’s also Sir Alexander Ramsay who was starved to death in 1342 by the castle’s owner at that time. He now roams the castle’s halls and grounds.

Thornbury Castle – England

Jasper Tudor, the uncle of Henry VII, died there on Dec. 21, 1495. He doesn’t like his bedchamber used and is especially aggravated when women occupy the room. He makes his displeasure known by knocking over books and other objects. Princess Mary Tudor spent time at the castle as a child and had a special love of greyhounds. She wanders the castle grounds with her beloved canines.

Hever Castle – England

Ann Boleyn’s ghost is seen standing at the bridge over River Eden, wandering the gardens, and at an ancient oak tree where she and Henry III often held court. She’s especially active on Christmas Eve. A spirit known as The Unhappy Man moans and groans around the premises and a spectral horse gallops through the hallways.

Barcaldine Castle – Scotland

Donald Campbell haunts the castle. Guests sleeping on the right side of his bed report feeling pressure on their legs and back as if someone was sitting on them.

Amberley Castle, England

Emily was a young serving girl who got pregnant by a local bishop. She jumped to her death from the battlements. Visitors have also heard soldiers racing to the battlements to defend the castle.

Tulloch Castle – Scotland

The Green Lady is believed to be a woman named Elizabeth Davidson. She’s one of the few ghosts to have ever been captured on film.

Ruthin Castle – North Wales

Lady Grey hacked her husband’s mistress to death with an axe. She wanders the hotel corridors, banquet hall, battlements and grounds – sometimes carrying an axe, sometimes not.

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