Best Time of Year to Visit the Antarctic

For those planning a trip to the Antarctic, don’t be confused about direction. The Antarctic is the South Pole and the best time to visit is during December. The average temperature will be about 32°F. Not much grows there, but when the temperatures warm, wildlife also blossoms.

Due to its cold temperatures, few people travel there except researchers and scientists. Essentially, anyone visiting the Antarctic becomes part of the area’s history and earn bragging rights for going where few people have ever stepped foot. It feels much like stepping onto an alien planet.

Southern Lights

The peak season for viewing the Arora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights, is March through Sept., but they may also appear in Dec. The display is a sight to behold, with spectacles that can appear as sheets, swirls and flickers of color encompassing green, blue and violet. The lights can also appear red, but it’s a rarer occurrence. Green is the most common color.


The icebergs in the Antarctic are small to enormous in size and no two are the same. The ice structures seen above the surface of the water are typically only 10 percent of the iceberg’s total size.

Plants and Animals

The Antarctic contains no trees or shrubs, but it does have grass and a flowering plant with yellow blooms that resembles moss. The overwhelming attraction for those visiting the Antarctic is its diverse range of wildlife that manages to thrive even in a land that’s desolate wilderness most of the year.

One of the inhabitants that visitors will encounter are penguins as their eggs begin to hatch. They’ve seldom had contact with people so they have little to no fear, but will fiercely defend their young. There are multiple species of penguins, seals, whales, dolphins and birds to view.

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