Ted Turner Sustainable Travel

Luxury properties don’t have to be detrimental to the environment or halfway around the world to be exclusive. Ted Turner sustainable travel destinations are available in Ladder, Sierra Grande and Vermejo, NM. They’re ideal for discerning individuals that want a get-back-to-nature vacation.

The Ladder property is a wildlife refuge for native New Mexico species encompassing 156,000 acres. Ted Turner’s 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom private ranch house was decorated by actress and former fashion model, Jane Fonda. The property is an oasis, uniquely positioned near 4 Rio Grande tributaries.

The ranch house radiates peace, tranquility, rustic elegance and is highlighted by Southwestern accents. Sit on the front porch to view the changing landscape as evening approaches or curl up by the stone fireplace and flat screen TV. Gourmet meals prepared by a private chef are tailored to the individual’s preferences using seasonal and locally sourced produce. Holistic spa services are included.

Guests have the opportunity to visit the Hermosa ghost town. Founded by miners in 1883 after gold and silver were discovered, it was once a booming town with frontier amenities ranging from a livery stable and blacksmith shop to a post office and literary society. A flash flood in 1889 decimated a significant portion of the town.

Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy a bison expedition, go on a fishing excursion to Elephant Butte Lake, or delight in historic tours. Kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking and a wealth of watersports are all available for anyone that wants to remain active.

For those that prefer more sedate activities on their downtime, there’s birdwatching, hot air balloon rides, and conservation tours. All meals and activities are included in the rental. Private, experienced tour guides are available for any outing.

The area has been inhabited by humans since prehistoric times. Guests can experience stunning landscapes that have changed little over time, along with all the modern conveniences for a unique and intimate experience.

Found in prestigious locations around the world, each home is an expression of Lauren’s meticulous approach to hosting and entertaining. Elegant, lavish, sophisticated and comfortable; these properties were originally intended for Lauren’s closest friends and relatives to utilize and she now extends that privilege to her clients.

Lauren Berger prides herself on offering superb accommodations. Over the years Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for creating elegant, luxurious environments and assembled an impeccable collection of luxury rental properties.

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