What to Look for in a Luxury Rental

What constitutes a luxury rental will depend largely on the individual. Some define it by location, amenities or exclusivity, while others will seek personalization and experience-oriented opportunities.

Deluxe welcome gifts are always appreciated, simply because they’re not expected. The baskets/boxes/bags demonstrate that the host is willing to go the extra mile for guests. Individuals may find wine, baked goods, and cheese and crackers native to the region, along with coffee beans, craft beer, nuts, fruit and candy. The gifts may also contain a showcase of local attractions and activities, providing all the information needed for a personalized stay.

Some properties offer their own boat slips for clients that sail to locations on their own yachts, while others feature gourmet meals by professional chefs. Vacationers should look for rentals that offer amenities that fit their personal interests such as exercise equipment, fire pits, fireplaces sun decks, and hot tubs.

There should be excellent connectivity and ample charging ports. The vacation rental should be stocked with entertainments ranging from board games and video game systems to cable TV and surround sound. Depending on individual interests, seek locations with access to fine dining, upscale shopping, amusement parks, and sports arenas.

Look for rentals with luxury bathrooms, spas, and all the essential appliances. Furnishing should be tasteful and elegant. Always check with the property management agency to determine their pet policy and if there are amenities – or any dangers – for four-legged family members.

Above all, look for vacation rentals that are clean, tidy, orderly and feature an elevated level of security. The entire abode should be in pristine condition and housekeeping services are a necessity for those planning an extended stay. Look for a turnkey solution and perform due diligence prior to setting forth to any destination.

Found in prestigious locations around the world, each home is an expression of Lauren’s meticulous approach to hosting and entertaining. Elegant, lavish, sophisticated and comfortable; these properties were originally intended for Lauren’s closest friends and relatives to utilize and she now extends that privilege to her clients.

Lauren Berger prides herself on offering superb accommodations. Over the years Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for creating elegant, luxurious environments and assembled an impeccable collection of luxury rental properties.

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