Best Wildlife Watching Around the Globe

There are many opportunities for those that want to experience potentially close encounters with wildlife ranging from elephants to cetaceans. With global warming taking a toll on wildlife, some of these animals could very well disappear from their natural habitats. The following are just some of the best destinations for viewing wildlife, in no particular … Continued

Best Time of Year to Visit the Antarctic

For those planning a trip to the Antarctic, don’t be confused about direction. The Antarctic is the South Pole and the best time to visit is during December. The average temperature will be about 32°F. Not much grows there, but when the temperatures warm, wildlife also blossoms. Due to its cold temperatures, few people travel … Continued

What to Look for in a Luxury Rental

What constitutes a luxury rental will depend largely on the individual. Some define it by location, amenities or exclusivity, while others will seek personalization and experience-oriented opportunities. Deluxe welcome gifts are always appreciated, simply because they’re not expected. The baskets/boxes/bags demonstrate that the host is willing to go the extra mile for guests. Individuals may … Continued